iTOP- individualus burnos ligų profilaktikos mokymas


iTOP- tai praktinis ir individualus profilaktikos mokymas, kuris pakeis Jūsų dantų valymo įpročius ir sustiprins motyvaciją. Šios žinios padės Jūsų pacientams pasiekti geresnių kasdienės profilaktikos rezultatų.


Per pastaruosius 13 metų daugiau nei 20 000 profesionalų sudalyvavo iTOP seminaruose, kurie įvyko 60 skirtingose šalyse. Šie skaičiai kasmet vis auga. Kartu, mes sukūrėmė bendruomenę - atsidavusių ir motyvuotų burnos higienai profesionalų, kurie turi tikslą, išsaugoti sveikus ir natūralius dantis savo pacientams visam gyvenimui.


Neįkainojama vertybė yra ne tik galėti mokytis pačiam, bet ir mokyti kitus.
Jūratė Žekonienė,
gydytoja periodontologė
Dėstytoja iTOP iš Lietuvos



Symposium 2020, Frankfurt

The reason people around the world are having a smile on their faces - healthy smiles.
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«Mechanical plaque control, tooth by tooth = Healthy Teeth - Life Long.» Angelique Kearney, Oral Hygienist and iTOP Lecturer from South Africa🇿🇦 Angelique did her Advanced University Diploma in Oral Hygiene (Business Management) 2014 at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. Since 5 years, she is a oral hygienist in a private practice and a part time university lecturer at the University of the Witwatersrand Centurion and Johannesburg, South Africa. Angelique was the president of the oral hygienists' association of South Africa (OHASA) and a dedicated iTOP Lecturer for 4 years. Happy birthday, dear Angelique!🎊 We wish you peace, success and much love today and always. May you spend a wonderful day with your dearest one. We are more than lucky to have you as a part of our team!💖





iTOP Teacher, Thailand

Also this year we had the honor to be present in Bangkok, where we successfully held an iTOP Teacher seminar.

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Georgia Kalantzopoulou, DDS and iTOP Lecturer from Greece🇬🇷 Georgia graduated Dentistry in 2012 at the University of Athens. She did her specialisation in Prosthodontics at the same university a few years later. Georgia worked as a clinical assistant and as a partner at a private clinic for many years and she is a clinical instructor at the field of Prosthodontics at the Dental School of Athens since 2015. Beside all this, Georgia is a dedicated iTOP Lecturer since 2017. Dear Gerogia, we wish you a great, awesome, and wonderful birthday celebration surrounded with your loved ones. Cooperating with you is a true blessing! Enjoy your special day. 🎊 💖





iTOP Introductory in Malmö, Sweden

This small but super motivated group took iTOP in Sweden on a new level. We are happy! 

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Oral care for children – free live webinars for dental professionals 🦷🖥 Join the Curaden Academy's series of three webinars, hosted by international speakers, to learn more about the specifics of pediatric dentistry. ✅ Register on 🗓 See the schedule below 1️⃣ Labio y palader hendido - Una visión integral desde el nacimiento hasta la edad adulta, by Dr. Aracely Granados, Mexico Monday, 27th September, 6 p.m. CDT (1 a.m. CEST) 1 CE credit 2️⃣ Pediatric Endodontics: Biological approach, by Prof. Dr. Prasad Musale, India Tuesday, 28th September, 5.30 p.m. CEST 1 CE credit 3️⃣ What works instead of‘Brush and don’t eat sweets’? A guide through basic prophylactic measures for children, by Prof. Dr. Amila Zukanovic, Bosnia and Herzegovina Wednesday, 29th September, 6:00 p.m. CEST 1 CE credit On demand webinars: 4️⃣ Behaviour management in pediatric dentistry – dos and don'ts, by Dr. Silvia Per, 1 CE credit 5️⃣ Dilemma between adaptation, sedation and GA treatment, by Dr. Antonina Getsman, 1 CE credit